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Huevos Rancheros, HoTep style.

27 July, 2008

HoTep’s breakfast huevos rancheros. Tortillas, over easy eggs, pink beans, leftover beef brisket, and homemade cheese.


18 pounds of smoked brisket.

27 July, 2008

Yup, you read right. 18 pounds of smoked brisket. I only took pictures of the meat before it was cooked (cooking took about 12 hours). Outrageous, and insanely good (HottButt and DanGafro, who claim to be authorities on Texas BBQ, said it rivaled anything Texas can produce. Served with potato salad, thai spiced slaw, texas beans, fried pickle chips, fried okra, homemade potato chips (with various seasonings). Savory berry pie with rosemary for desert.

Kayaking 7-08

14 July, 2008

Yost, HottButt, RudeBoy, DanGafro and I paddled the James Sunday. The day was a blast, and we got caught in one heck of a rainstorm as we navigated the rock garden downstream of Balcony falls. The day was not without incident: DanGafro managed to flip his kayak twice in quick succession (in still water, no less!); HottButt once, but RudeBoy took the cake in flipping at Balcony falls.

HottButt glides over the falls

DanGafro plows through with HoTep’s landshark. 12 miles per gallon!

Imitating Slim Pickens, I ride the bomb, whooping and hat aflail.

RudeBoy flips and recovers with flair

What to do in Gran Marais, MN

11 July, 2008

Should you find yourself on a road trip and in Gran Marais, MN, I highly recommend the Gun Flint Tavern–a bar with a great selection of brews and good food (111 W. Wisconsin St.). Beneath the Gun Flint is the Raven–more of a bar kind of bar. Do, as I was invited, step into the Raven as well. You might meet pirate Pete and discuss Pippi Longstocking for a time; or, you might learn of some nearby free camping on the shores of Lake Superior.