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Thanksgiving, 2007

23 November, 2007

Country Coburn, the Tiny Food Girl, TimmyB and I had a Thanksgiving to remember. TimmyB and I smoked a 13 pound turkey, having rubbed it down the night before with salt, pepper, olive oil, cumin, paprika, and a host of other spices. Cooking turkey by any means presents a problem: The white meat should be cooked only to 150 degrees; the dark meat should be brought to an internal temperature of 175 degrees. David Rosengarten suggests pulling the turkey out of the heat once the breast reaches 150, cutting off and reserving the light meat, then returning the bird to the heat until the dark meat reaches temperature. Well, the idea is a good one. We, however, did not do that this time. In fact, we started smoking the turkey at 9:00 am, which proved to be way too early for an 8:00 dinner. The meat was probably done by the early afternoon. Still, we kept the turkey in the smoker on low heat until the evening. Was the meat dry? Yes, and no. Farmed turkey is, by nature, a lean meat, so a juicy turkey in both light and dark meats is (unless following Rosengarten’s suggestion) an unattainable goal. But the smoke provides a depth of flavor impossible to reproduce in the oven, The low heat does, on the other hand, retain some juiciness, and many lube up turkey’s dry texture with cranberry sauce or gravy. So… was it dry? Yes, like most turkey. Still, was it succulent and juicy? Yes. Was it a success? Absoluetly. In fact, I’d do it again, though with a little more attention to temperature control. Problem was, we had other things going on besides worrying about a turkey. More on that in another post.

The menu follows:

Smoked turkey;
Garlic roasted potatoes;
Caesar salad with homemade dressing and homemade croutons;
Fire roasted beets;
Cranberry sauce;
Homemade pumpkin pie.

Because the group was small, many were missed, both current and former constituents of the House. Looking forward to future Thanksgivings, in which more are able to attend.