Seared tuna, 3-15-08.

Is this a rant?

No photos. Just a catalog of ingerdients.

Tuna, fresh, marinated with….

2 cloves crushed garlic;
grated fresh ginger (similar mass to 2-cloves of garlic);
tamari sauce (or substitute soy);
mirin wine (or substitute rice wine vinegar + sugar);
ground pepper;
olive oil.

leftover marinade, sans garlic;
splash more of mirin to degalze;
pad of butter (east meets west–try combining oyster sauce and butter sometime!).

Accompaniment: Spinach salad.

I winged the marinade ratios, but I was shooting for 1 part tamari to 2 parts mirin, then added olive oil at about 1/2 the volume of tamari. You really can’t mess this up.

Cook 1 minute per side max (I’ve gone as short as 30 seconds per side in a screaming hot cast iron skillet). You want a good sear (not a severe char) on the outside of the fish; and, of course, you want the inside raw, which is usually euphemized in the restaurant industry as “rare.” Fact is, it is raw, and only as warm inside as the ambient temp where the fish was stored prior to cooking, and that is awesome. Just let your fish warm up to room temp before you cook it.


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