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Turkey stock 12-03, 2007

3 December, 2007

Time to bereave the freezer and fridge of their bones. Given the proximity of the Thanksgiving holiday, we had the carcass of a smoked turkey, as well as some frozen pork skins (from homemade bacon), the bones and trimmings from a pork shoulder (from homemade sausage), and a couple handfuls of shrimp shells. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to make some homemade stock. We also have a roasted chicken carcass and a lamb leg bone in queue, but that is for batch down the road.

The stock I am making will be quite smoky in flavor, due to the smoked turkey carcass. This will be good in a variety of bean dishes and posole, a personal House favorite. I hope Coburn and Ho-tep will come up with some other ideas in using it, as well.
This batch has been less of a chore than the last (which was a pork stock). In the latter, I accidently let the water boil early on, and a huge quantity of scum rose to the surface. Moreover, stock that has reached the boil will taste good, but will never be clear. Not so this time! I’ve kept the water at a simmer near 180 degrees. This temperature can be maintained on the stove top or in a low oven (provided you have an accurate oven thermometer).

For those who have never made stock, and for those who wince when they see a recipe calling for stock, know that water is a substitute that is far superior to bullion cubes or canned broth. Need more convincing? Click here.