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DanGafro’s idea of vegetables

27 June, 2008

DanGafro had a local, organic NY strip; I had some shrimp. Steak grilled outside; shrimp cooked in grill pan (defrost in salted water, marinade with mustard, paprika, red pepper flakes, lime juice, pepper, salt). The most curious part of the meal was that DanGafro wanted some vegetables, so he hit the market and came back with–shish kebabs! He said the veggies on the ‘babs were his veggies; but as you can see, they are mostly meat. He ate the steak, then the shrimp, but I would not let him leave the table until he “finished his vegetables.” Result: xy chromosome meat fest. Mmmm, meat.


Shrimp, eggplant and salad supper

27 June, 2008

Shrimp, eggplant and salad supper. Eggplant grilled on Lodge grill skillet. Shrimp followed on grill. TinyFoodGirl and I ate.

Tacopalooza-first half of 08.

14 June, 2008

Lots of tacos, way more than the number of photos.

Click on the thumbnail for more tacos.

Burgerpalooza–first half of 08.

14 June, 2008

Several burger events worthy of note, but I am only providing pictures. Minimalist, ueber-rare burgers by HBD, Huge works burger by AGD, Loaded bgt  (bacon, guacamole, tomato) works burger by DanGafro, etc. Just a gallery of some burgers. Mmmmm… burgers!

Click on the photo for the gallery: