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Requiescat in pace (lol): Dead digicam (and sustained blog hiatus).

16 March, 2008

Not that anyone cares, but…

My 3 megapixel digicam died. That was before my hiatus, thus no photos for a long while now. I’m working on changing that. Even I find my blog boring without photos.


Airline karma

6 February, 2008

Rant, and not that anyone cares, but:

Well, most of you know I have been on a trip out west to shut down “the estate.” I have returned from this trip with my faith in family and fairness restored, regardless of how things ultimately turn out. I do, however, have a couple of things to share regarding my air travel. By luck of the draw, I had emergency exit seats from CHO to IAD, from IAD to Denver, and from Denver to SNA. Total travel time from CHO to SNA was 12 hours, plus rental car time. On my return trip, from SNA to SFO and from SFO to IAD, I had 3 seats to myself, which meant I could lie down and sleep on the flights, which I did, and I hope I snored loudly to pay back the Italian brats who kept waking me up by tickling my feet and the screaming baby in the row ahead of me. All in all, it was a good flight. I highly recommend bringing shotgun ear muffs and a hat that covers your eyes on all flights.

I never would have thought that the last leg of my flight, which is a mere two hour drive by car, would have been canceled. As a result, I missed my class, pissed off my girlfriend, who was in the area but could not pick me up, and brought a rain of bad luck to her family for twenty-four hours. Still, I am back safe and sound, and nobody got hurt. We also enjoyed a great bottle of wine.

In the future, I will drive to RIC or IAD and leave my car there. I will be able to take direct, non-stop flights, and I will not be stymied by last second flight cancellations. Better to take a car and put it in long term storage than suffer layover after layover for the sake of flying out of the small and seemingly-convenient CHO, which has it own charm–it is small and has free wireless, and you can show up 30 minutes before your flight and still get on it. But the fact is this: CHO to IAD: 2 hour layover; IAD to Denver: 2.5 hour layover. Same on the way back. SNA to SFO: 2 hour layover; SFO to IAD: 1.5 hour layover with canceled flight and consequences. Next time I will drive to the airport and book a nonstop flight. My commute time will be cut from 12 hours to 7 hours.

Rant over.

Protected: Should I be concerned about that sound?

14 January, 2008

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Ed Dornan died two years ago.

19 December, 2007

Today marks the two year anniversary of Ed Dornan’s death. Cheers, Ed! We toast to you often, and miss you daily. I wish you had the chance to see the men we shall become.

Edward Aaron Dornan

There will be no whine, before it’s time. It’s time…

30 August, 2007

But it is not my whine.

I have heard through the grapevine that some readers feel they are waiting too long for a new post. Trust me, my friends, there will be one presently. And by presently, I mean “soon,” “anon,” or, as the Dane said to his false friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, “by and by!”

“I said, ‘by and by!'”

“Presently” does not mean “now.” Philological rant over.

And if I keep hearing about too few posts, I’m gonna have to write something about “taboo dissimilation,” and believe me, you don’t want that.


House stove range hood repaired.

14 July, 2007

Not that anyone cares, but… (click the thumbnail for the photo gallery).


I have cleaned and repaired the nefarious range hood at the House. Grease was dripping from the squirrel cage fan blades down on to the two rear burners, rendering them unusable (for cooking, setting food, or pot storage. I don’t want to go into details, but the unit was NASTY!

What worked best for cleaning? Believe it or not, I boiled a large pot of water, added a bunch of Borax, and boiled the parts (making sure during reassembly that there were no rubber or metal bushings, etc.. Then I used Dawn, hot water and a sponge to further clean the parts.

The fan’s dimmer switch had also broken long ago, so I dug around in the basement and found a toggle switch. Voila! A job easily done.