What /who is the House-of-Yes?


What is the House-of-Yes?
The House-of-Yes is a state of mind. Its physical manifestation is currently located in Charlottesville, VA; though it has also abided in Newport Beach, Irvine, and Oakland, CA; Portland, OR; and Madison, WI.

Who is the House-of-Yes?
Well, I am, primarily, and as I have not bestowed an alias upon myself, I shall remain anonymous. But I am no island; lots of people flow in and out of the House, and the House could not exist without their presence in, and contributions, to it.

Current primary residents include:

  • Me (ever since 1970; in Charlottesville since 1998);
  • Ho-tep (member since 2002): A biology PhD candidate with a passion for kayaking and native plants; an innate love of bacon; and a hatred of both non-native invasive plant species, and whole wheat biscuits at breakfast;
  • TimmyB (intermittent member 2004, 2006-2007): A PhD candidate in Classics and self-proclaimed philologist, with a passion for fly fishing, motorcycle riding, and bourbon; an innate love of grumbling; and a hatred of “eye cancer”; and
  • P-funk (a.k.a. Coburn) (member since 2007): A biologyPhD candidate. Kentucky born and bred, with a passion for bicycles.

Secondary “residents” include (in no important order):

  • DanGafro: Environmental consultant with a wicked sense of humor.
  • HotButt: Science teacher.
  • ElephantWhisperser (AKA Anna/anna): PhD in Environmental Science, based between Tanzania and Charlottesville.
  • That David: Just “that David.”
  • Buttercup: Graphic designer and Japanimation caricature.
  • JennRN: Registered nurse in Philly.
  • RudeBoy: Programmer and challenging foil to the rant.
  • Candycane: Professor of ancient history in Rhode Island. Beer brewer, wine lover.
  • Zoot: Classics PhD candidate residing in Rhode Island.
  • FlipperGrrl: Biology PhD candidate with the kung-fu moves.
  • SweetCheeks: German Biology post-doc based between Botswana and Charlottesville. Please don’t ask how he got this name.
  • Pearl-of-Surl: Biology post-doc. Sorely missed and living in Montana.
  • Cromagnon: Evolutionary biolgist.
  • MissPrism: Evolutionary biologist. Feminist.
  • Skittlehead: History PhD candidate.
  • The tiny food girl: Former evolutionary biologist. Jeweler.
  • Those as yet unnamed there are many more…..

Former House-of-Yes residents include:

  • Pangloss (1998 to 2000): Latin teacher in Michigan and nicest man on Earth.
  • Strant (1998 to 1999): Probably an M.D. by now. Strant, you still owe me 350.00!
  • The Sqvirrel (recently discovered pseudonym) (1999 to 2000): Future professional brewer, coffee lover, cool-headed dude with many, many talents.
  • Goldwinger (short term resident, 200(?)): Evolutionary biology PhD candidate.

Why the name House-of-Yes?
The House of Yes is a play by Wendy MacLeod, which was adapted for film in 1997 (starring Parker Posey). While the name of the House is something of a tribute , it is only so in that I have always liked the name, “House of Yes.” Moreover, “yes” is the appropriate answer for certain questions that are frequently asked at the House. And you will notice that I have hyphenated House-of-Yes. In short, I did not create the name e vacuo; I have adopted and reapplied it to “the compound.” I feel it is appropriate.


3 Responses to “What /who is the House-of-Yes?”

  1. Laurie Burruss Says:

    Doree. . .

    A Best friend for over 25 years
    Soul sister
    Damn! I didn’t get to say good-bye I love you!

  2. meade Says:

    oh, my goodness…you guys are almost local…

  3. Knox Says:

    Hey man thanks for the great post. Look forward to reading more!

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