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Burgers, 3-14-08

16 March, 2008

Burgers–rare to medium rare. Hand ground top sirloin, no seasoning save salt and pepper while cooking, about 3 burgers per pound. Ridged grill pan, screaming heat, 3 minutes per side, 5 to 8 minute covered rest. Great. Make sure meat reaches room temperature after grinding.

Other burgers:
1) 4 minutes per side in flat grill pan (turned out medium). Not that good.
2) two minutes per side in ridged pan, 8 minute rest, 2 to 3 minutes back on heat. Really good. Maybe even the way to go. Nice cross hatched grill marks.

TimmyB says more fat needed. I argue that fat will not melt with rare burgers, and that nobody likes cold fat. Next time: chuck vs. top round, or perhaps top round + added fat vs. my leaner pure top round burgers.