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The Accidental (Motorcycle) Tourist: 5-07.

8 May, 2007

I’m currently in the process of acquiring and bringing [to c-ville] a 1976 bmw motorcycle for Goldwinger. Lots of good stuff to write about, but you will have to check back……

After picking up the motorcycle, I headed north to Rhode Island to tune the bike, decompress, and visit Candycane and Zoot’s farm.

One of our good meals, though I am out of my element on things like the “George.”
Mezze of (vidalia) onion salad (vinegar and salt), green onions, watercress, carrots, cucumber and hummus;
Saag with chickpeas (don’t forget the tomato paste);
“Grilled” zuchinni and eggplant on the “George” (brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt/pepper).

We walked around Providence today, starting at the mall, going through Brown University and way into the ‘burbs down Hope street. Finally (after backtracking), we ate lunch at Kartabar, opting for a three seated table beside the open window. The “tuna carpacio” was great; the Medeterranean burger was good, too (and rare meant rare).

There are a lot of motorcyclists in Providence, but Candycane and Zoot noted via observation over lunch that, around here, they roll up nice and loud, and then spend tons of time (like 90 minutes) standing around on the street talking with their buddies or other bikers about their bikes and/or various parts, pointing at this and that component (like tassels on the handlebars!, or exhaust pipes!). You can see them from afar, talking in signs: “revving” their wrists as they boast about their adventerous ride into town, lowering and spreading their palms from the waist out to describe the cruising speed at which their Harleys smooth out (i.e., stop shaking), making whoop-de-doo signs to describe terrain, etc. It really is a laughable riot, and truly, they do not leave their motorcycles’ side. Wankers, all. Guys like that make folks like TimmyB and me look bad. I did not see one vintage bike or even one new BMW; just Harleys and custom choppers. I’d like to see bikes like this on a tour in Mexico…(rant over)

On to Philly to see JennRN. We went to a great bar, which seemed like a regular dive bar, except they had one of the most esoteric draft beer selections ever and, in lieu of predictable pub food, options on the menu like grilled lamb, Hoegaarden steamed shellfish, and many other tasty options.

Left Philly. Took 76 west to 81 south, through MD and WV. I cut east at Front Royal and took the scenic route back to Charlottesville: 540 to 231, to 29, to 230, to 663. Goldwinger’s bike is awsome.