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Requiescat in pace: Doree Dunlap-Dornan

4 October, 2007

NOTE: Due to mourning, no new posts October 4th to November 14th, 2007.

Doree Dunlap-Dornan…

wife and widow of EAD,
mother of TDF,
significant parental figure to me and AGD,

…died today (Pisces 1949-to-Libra 2007).

Services to be held Friday, October 26, 2:00pm at the Orange Coast Community College Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. Memorial announcement below (click to enlarge).



Almost Smart-Arse Roast Chicken.

3 October, 2007

Not really that smart-arse, but I did grab a few wilting veggies and indulge a hankering for some sumac. I must say that on most occasions, I opt for a simple butter/salt/pepper rub + squeeze of lemon, garlic (roasted in the pan), and potatoes version.

4.5# chicken. Cheap is fine, but organic is a better taste choice and worth a little more dough;
4 Russett potatoes. Peeled (to avoid leathery skin), boiled 10 minutes, bruised by shaking pan;
2 carrots, peeled, and 8 pathetic mushrooms, soaked (fungal faux pas, but they were heading South);
1/4# softened butter; 1/2c minced curly parsley; 4 pressed garlic cloves–mashed together;
1 lemon, halved;
1 whole bulb garlic, halved;
kosher salt & black pepper;

Rub chicken with butter/parsley mash (If you wear latex gloves, you might have less butter mixture stick to you than I did). Put knob of butter mixture into carcass cavity. Rub salt and pepper over chicken. Sprinkle some sumac over exterior of chicken. Squeeze both halves of lemon over bird and put half of lemon in cavity (other half in roasting tin). Arrange bird with potatoes, carrots, head of garlic, mushrooms in roasting pan.

Oven at 400 degrees. Bird cooked until done by my standards and my secret “doneness gauge”–about 1.5 hours, give or take (your gauge might be a thermometer, clear juices from a pierced thigh, voodoo, mojo, whatever). Lots of room, too, for temperature preferences. You could ramp the heat up to 500 for the first 20 minutes to allow browning, then scale it back to 350. Or you could just maintain 350 instead of 400. Or, if you have lots of time and don’t want browning (is there such a person?), you could, in theory, set your oven way low at 170 degrees and wait hours for the internal temp to reach the same. I mean, come on, its just roast chicken.