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Homemade Gravlax (Cured Salmon)

8 August, 2007

The next material for dry cure experiments at the House is salmon. I will be making gravlax, northern European unsmoked cured salmon (or other fish). Woot! The fishlovers will be happy.


This is not my Gravlax (it’s from Wikipedia)–just an illustration of things to come…

References used in the assimilation of (eventual) recipe I shall create (and I would like to remind readers that gravlax can be finished in as few as one or two days, and frozen if a large quantity is made):

  1. Gravlax Wiki page (recipe link at bottom [high salt to sugar ratio])
  2. Sunset Magazine recipe (50/50 salt to sugar ratio)
  3. Andrea Lynn’s blog page on gravlax, inspired by this site.
  4. Another recipe (3:2 salt:sugar ratio + spirits)
  5. That bastard Emeril’s recipe (24 hour cure, salt to sugar = 4:1, orange and vanilla bean accents)
  6. Recipe using onion and cognac
  7. Usenet style recipe page (simple variants)
  8. Gucci variant recipes (including Thai spiced gravlax)
  9. There is a gravlax recipe in Victoria Wise’s 1980’s book, American Charcuterie, which is currently out of print
  10. There is a gravad max (mackerel) and gravad lax recipe in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Cookbook, and the same two recipes are revamped in the River Cottage Book of Fish to produce a sweeter, more tender, less long-keeping product.

Not that there is much to assimilate for traditional recipes–just ratio variants or conjunctive use of vodka or aquavit. I suspect Black or white pepper could be used (or mixed together); white or brown sugar (a.k.a. white sugar with a little molasses mixed in) could be used (or mixed in a 50:50 ratio).