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Roasted garlic pea soup supper

2 February, 2009

Nice supper tonight, and easy. Roasted garlic pea soup, fancy baguette, head of roasted garlic, asian pear, red pepper slices, bottle of Les Jamelles sauvignon blanc, & good company. No pics; no apologies.

About the roasted garlic pea soup. The recipe inspiration was from Nigella Lawson via Nigel Slater’s Real Food. In the past (the first time I made it), I followed the recipe verbatim, but I think it is so flexible that a once through will teach you that you can do what you will with it (three yous!). Start with some peas, roasted garlic, and broth whirred in a food processor. You can be creative with the rest. A scant cup (6-8oz) is all you need to satisfy an adult. No oversized pottery barn bowls needed.

Nigella’s recipe can be found online with a search for ‘”Nigella Lawson” garlic pea soup’. This time I used homemade pork stock from smoked pork shoulder bones, less butter than usual, no parmesian, and very little cream.

I’ll be working on a baseline recipe to can at home (one that can be doctored to taste at reheating). More on that later…


Still generally offline

2 February, 2009

Not that anyone cares, but…

Not too inspired to write these days… but Chez Oui, like The Dude, abides.