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28 March, 2007


The House of Yes is celebrated for its home coffee roasting. TimmyB and the Ho-tep do the roasting (for now). TimmyB has recently graduated from the stovetop hand-cranked popper to a combination machine of a Galloping Gourmet convection oven mated to an oil popcorn maker with its heating element detached. We’re looking forward to getting this system down.


28 March, 2007


I am an aficionado of old Raleigh bicycles and modern “retro grouch” bicycle theory. I have two Raleigh Internationals (one mink, one orange), two Raleigh Twenty folding bikes (one green, one tobacco), and one Raleigh Supercourse (green). I also have a first generation, though now highly modified, Specialized Globe and a host of random bicycle projects. Best bike site on the web here; best bicycle touring/lifestyle site here; one of the better (though increasingly less grouchy, and increasingly freakin’ expensive) retro grouch sites here.