F-18 Hornet burgers.

Hooray! Elephant Whisperer is back. She and SweetCheeks are living at the Pearl-of-Surl’s former abode, and they had a party.

SweetCheeks manned the coals “bush style,” which meant, well, who knows what that means. “Bush style” + the usual fashionably late guests meant that the coals were not hot enough once the cooking began. So, desperate for a black and blue burger, I fired up one of those Weber charcoal chimney things and found an extra grate. When things were screaming hot (think afterburner), I slapped my burger on. About a minute +/- per side later, with an occasional lifting of the grate to prevent obscene scorching, I pulled my burger off the heat and slid it onto a bun. Great.

Things did not go so well for the brats that someone tried to cook in the same way. The casings immediately and literally exploded. The inside stayed raw. Nevermind, my back was turned while I ate my burger. Mmmm, burger.

I wish I had a video of the cooking. It was outrageous.


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