Salt. Bad for blood pressure, good for flavor (and so much more)!

No salt, no bacon (but that is for another post).

What kind of salt?

  • Regular table salt: Nein! Nein! Nein! Throw it away.
  • Rock salt: Good only for the ice cream maker (if you have one).
  • Kosher salt (e.g. Morton’s): Must have. Buy the largest box.
  • Sea salt: Expensive, but must have. Use fine grind only for seasoning at the table (kosher flakes are too big, and the taste is too strong for ad hoc sprinkling).
  • Smoked salt: Have not tried it. I’ll buy some at Whole Foods one of these days, then smoke my own using the chi-chi stuff as a base line. Actually, I’ll probably just ask for a taste and get denied, then I’ll drop and break the container on the way back to the aisle, being sure to scoop up a sample before seeking out a grocery manager with a look of embarassment on my face. $18.00 for one cup of smoked salt (and no instructions on how to use it or recipes incorporating it). What has the world come to? Well, you all know what P.T. Barnum said about fools…

Once you have your salt(s)…
You should separate some out and place it in a handy container. Kosher salt by the stove; fine sea salt at the table.

Now I know you Alton Brown fans will at some point consider buying his favorite salt-a-ma-jig for about $20.00: the RSVP Endurance Salt Server (with spoon, to boot!). Fie on it! Alton himself eschews the spoon (so he (and you, potentially) will have paid for something you won’t use). And I eschew the whole contraption altogether. Instead, get a squat, wide mouth one cup mason jar + lid. I got one at my local goodwill for 25 cents. Kerr brand jar with a Ball brand lid. Works just as well, and looks decent enough by the stove as at the table (provided I have a tablecloth out). But for Pete’s sake, don’t “present” the salt at the table with a lid astride it. The lid is for storage when you are not cooking or eating.

Besides, the opportunity cost of the RSVP salt server is about the same as one cup of that gourmet smoked salt… maybe I won’t ask for that free sample after all.

This for 25 cents?




Or this for 20 bucks?





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