Pork stock

First rule of pork stock is….. (you probably know).

Second rule of pork stock is…. (you probably know, or see #1).

Well, I can violate the untimate (and penultimate) rules, but just this time.

Third rule of pork stock is: You do not freeze your bones in tin foil without wrapping them in freezer paper first. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because when you crimp the foil around the meat, it will cling to the meat’s folds. After that meat freezes, you will discover a carne-alumino bond. Guess what? You will not be able to pick all the foil off (out) of the meat when you want to make stock! So into the stock pot the foil goes. Remember to fish it out later.

Anyway, bones: Pork shoulder (left over from puerco pibil) and pork picnic bone (from ham-b-que and ham-b-sausage), plus spices (bay leaves, whole black peppercorns, crushed juniper berries, a few cloves of smashed garlic). After a few hours, remove the bones and pull off any meat (= future tacos). Return bones to pan. Keep simmering. Nasty process, but good results. We’ll freeze and use this stock for beans, or posole, or something.

Barbara Fisher has written a nice page on making French style stock (chicken), and on Chinese style stock making (mixed). I have to admit that I discovered these pages hours into my stock, but they make for good reference on method (and reason), as would any good cook book.


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