Roast Beef Project 002.

I went overboard yesterday and bought a 14 pound single piece of top round. I should have bought three 4# pieces. Why? 1) The lean cuts in the store have been professionally trimmed and are the ueber prime pieces; 2) Because if you buy a single 14 pound piece, there is a 15-20% loss to trimmings, fat, and silverskin (which can go back into burgers). But good burgers can be made without the fat, so better that it is gone. If you want fattier burgers, go for a burger ground from chuck.

OK. After following the natural muscle structure of my 14# piece, I ended up with: a 7.5″ roast (for cold roast beef sandwiches), a 2.5# small roast (burgers, probably, or bresaola), a 1.25# flat piece resembling flank or london broil (beef jerkey), and a .75# piece of nice lean meat (carpaccio), and 2.5# trimmings (back into burgers). Should I accomplish all this, I will make pages describing the various projects.

This roast beef uses salt, bacon dry cure (salt, pepper, juniper berries, bay leaves, brown sugar), and lots of crushed peppercorns. I went way heavy on the pepper to resemble the cuts I have seen in some delis.

There is no substitute for making your own roast beef cold cuts. A 3.5-4# lean piece that costs 1.99 a pound will probably lose 20% to cooking and mositure loss during resting (save the jus!), resulting in 2.50 per pound with tax. Add in tons pepper, some olive oil, and the natural gas bill, and you are probably coming out between 3 and 4 bucks per finished pound. That does not include your time, but it is worth it.

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    This is fast becoming the best part of the internet.

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