House stove range hood repaired.

Not that anyone cares, but… (click the thumbnail for the photo gallery).


I have cleaned and repaired the nefarious range hood at the House. Grease was dripping from the squirrel cage fan blades down on to the two rear burners, rendering them unusable (for cooking, setting food, or pot storage. I don’t want to go into details, but the unit was NASTY!

What worked best for cleaning? Believe it or not, I boiled a large pot of water, added a bunch of Borax, and boiled the parts (making sure during reassembly that there were no rubber or metal bushings, etc.. Then I used Dawn, hot water and a sponge to further clean the parts.

The fan’s dimmer switch had also broken long ago, so I dug around in the basement and found a toggle switch. Voila! A job easily done.


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