Flashback to July 21, 1969 via The Onion.

I’m just in the mood to share this with my occasional readers. This is from the gag-rag, The Onion. Be sure to read the TRANQUILITY / HOUSTON dialog that starts on the left under the photo. What makes it really funny is if you read it out loud to someone else. One of the former House-of-Yes-mates (Sqvirrel) had a shirt with this page printed on it. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized, readable version.



4 Responses to “Flashback to July 21, 1969 via The Onion.”

  1. Goldwinger Says:

    Absolutely (pause) fucking hilarious!

  2. Sqvirrel Says:

    The last time I was wore that t-shirt (it’s shrunk quite a bit) I thought I would just be hanging around the house in it. Suddenly I had to go to the store to get something, and it didn’t occur to me what I was wearing. Until I’m walking down an aisle of the grocery store, filled with people… For the rest of the trip I came up with various ways to walk with my arms/hands/groceries covering parts of the shirt… Holy living fuck…

  3. Sqvirrel Says:

    oops– should be “last time I wore”

  4. cromagnon Says:

    Needs more cowbell…

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