Candycane and Zoot’s bachelor(ette) party.

This Saturday the House-of-Yes will be hosting a party to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Candycane and Zoot.

Yes,” there will be food: Smoked pork, grilled salmon, grilled vegetables, rice, salad(s), mezze (homemade hummus, baba ganooj), etc., maybe even a homemade pate.

Yes,” there will be beverages: 5 gallons of beer, bourbon for juleps, vodka for the hangover brunch on Sunday, etc.

Yes,” there will be games: Two or more of the following: Horseshoes, badminton, bocce, smashball (Kadima), frisbee, yo-yo, melodicas, maybe even keg stands, beer pong, etc.

Yes,” there will be strippers! Or is it, “”Yes,” there be no strippers”? You will have to be here to find out!

Holy Crap!” Cromagnon will be here. Actually, he got here Thursday!


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