Monday night mezze: 6-4-07.

More mezze last night. I set up a plate for a pic. The lamb was particularly moist and tasty (a baked mixture of lamb, cumin, red pepper, bread crumbs, one egg, salt, pepper, olive oil, and sumac). The eggplant was brushed with olive oil, baked for a while on a rack, then finished off under the broiler. They were a bit dry. Next time I’ll set them directly on foil to keep them in their own moisture. Finally, there was a bit too much brown/beige in this meal. We’re low on some staples, so I had to make do with what we had. I should have dusted the yogurt with paprika and a dash of turmeric for visual bling.

  1. Yogurtlu patlican (roasted eggplant slices with yogurt and mint dressing);
  2. Fava beans dressed with olive oil and fresh thyme;
  3. Radishes (edible garnish);
  4. Mint leaves (edible garnish);
  5. Lamb meatballs;
  6. Bulgher pilaf with raisins.



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