Friday night mezze.

More good food last night (I wish I had taken photos):

  1. Baba Ganooj, garnished with parsley and radish half-moons;
  2. Onion/mint salad (onions “quick picked” with red wine vinegar, salt, and sumac);
  3. Radish (edible garnish);
  4. Peppermint leaves (refreshing after-meal palette cleanser);
  5. Flame roasted pita bread;
  6. Bulgher pilaf;
  7. Koftit Ferakh = “fried minced chicken balls”-hmmm, gotta find a better translation for that! (See note below). Sort of like chicken burgers meets meatballs. We ground chicken breasts up in TimmyB’s small grinder with some onion and bread. To this mixture we added whole cumin, salt, pepper, olive oil, a bit of cooked bulgher, and red pepper flakes. After kneading the spices in, we divided the meat into balls and coated with flour. We pressed the balls down into patty shapes to facilitate cooking (though traditionally, they would have been marble sized and not needed pressing. Transfer to paper towels, squeeze on some lemon, and voila! Though next time I’d serve them with lemon/parsley/sumac sprinkled on top, with a yogurt sauce nearby. TimmyB decided to mix some Mayo and Vietnamese “rooster sauce” together to function as a sauce for the chicken, and that was pretty tasty. Next time, we will marinate the chicken for a few hours in some sort of concoction.

**Note on Gallus gallus: In the current parlance of our times, “chicken” refers to the whole species; the female of Gallus gallus is a “hen”; a young female is a “pullet”; the males are “roosters,” “cocks,” or cockerels.” Should a male rooster be castrated, it is called a “capon.” All chickens are called “chicks” when recently hatched.

In relation to this entry and this meal, while it is awkward to refer to a portion of our meal as “fried minced chicken balls,” the fact is that, in the U.S., only the females are eaten. Despite implied anatomical impossibility, it would seem further absurd to refer to the dish as “fried minced hen balls.” So if you feel like snickering at our eating “fried…balls,” well, I invite you to come up with a better name.


One Response to “Friday night mezze.”

  1. Scott Says:

    I wish you’d taken photos, too…

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