Wednesday night Indian.

I imagine my readers tire of my food posts, but last night’s meal was really good and worth mentioning. I was able to do lots of the cooking while blogging and working on some experimental pages with Nvu, the Mozilla composer. Special thanks to FlipperGrrl and Hottbutt for contributing the lion’s share of the ingredients, most of which came from local farms.

  1. Saag (spinach, usually with paneer, but last night with mushrooms, tomatoes, and mock chicken (mock chicken courtesy of the tiny food girl);
  2. Chickpeas in tomato broth;
  3. Pan seared vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus) with garlic and turmeric;
  4. Salad (courtesy of Hottbutt) with mango and avocado.

Naturally, lots of Indian spices (in due measure): cinnamon, black mustard seeds, chile peppers, cumin, corriander, ginger, etc..


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