We recently put the meat grinder through its maiden voyage at the House. TimmyB decided to have hamburgers for lunch yesterday. The grind was initially perfect, but we made one assumption that was wrong: We thought that lots of meat would be trapped in the spindle (and that is why it was backing up, as you can see it begins to do in the video). To remedy this, we put the ground meat back through to press the unground meat out (and when that did not work, we put in some hamburger buns, which also did not work). The real problem lay in that some connective membrane (the kind you find between fat and muscle) had blocked the 3/16″ holes in the plate, sort of like putting saran wrap over the holes, so the meat really had nowhere to go but backwards. Once we removed the obstructing membrane, the grinder worked great, but by that point we had mashed most of the meat to a pulp and had a bunch of bread mixed in. Lesson learned. Perhaps we need to be more careful in cubing the meat; perhaps tightening the lockring more securely would have prevented the problem from happening in the first place, because the cutting knife is supposed to rub quite hard against the mating plate. More as we experiment. For the record, the burgers were great! We only used some olive oil, salt and pepper to season the meat.

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2 Responses to “Sausagepalooza!”

  1. SweetCheeks Says:

    Thüringer Rostbratwurst

    600 g Schweineschulter (mager)
    400 g Schweinebauch (fett)
    20 g Salz
    1 Tl. Pfeffer, weißer, gemahlener
    1 Tl. Kümmel, gehäufter
    1 klein. Ei
    100 ml Milch
    Fleisch durch die 8-mm-Scheibe drehen. Die gekuehlte Milch, das Ei und
    die Gewuerze dazugeben. Alles gut vermengen. In Schweineduenndaerme
    fuellen und etwa 20 cm lange Wuerste abdrehen.

    AND no for my american friends!!!

    600g pork shoulder (not fat)
    600g pork belly (fat)
    20 g salt
    1 tea spoon WHITE pepper (ground)
    1 tea spoon cumin
    1 small egg
    100 ml milk

    grind the meat through an 8 mm disk – add all other ingredients – mixed it WELL (usually using your hands – fill it in pig guts (the small intestine is usually used for it). Close of the ends by twisting. use an OPEN!!!! CHARCOAL!!!! grill for grilling. Do grill under medium heat CAREFULLY regulating the temperature by spraying Pilsner Urquell/ Becks over the sausages. To be served in a bread roll with mustard.

    O.K. you guys have 3 month to become perfect in it – I’LL BE BACK – on the 25th of August. If you have any questions contact me via Skype or mail.

    Sweet Cheeks

  2. Sausagepalooza! « House-of-Yes Says:

    […] Sausagepalooza! The art of home sausage making will soon begin at the House. We have the skills; we have the technology (a hand cranked, antique Enterprise meat grinder and 8-quart sausage press). SweetCheeks has even sent us a recipe (view his recipe by clicking here). […]

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