New house brew… Oatmeal pale ale

Time for a pale ale, but I could not resist the call of all the Quaker old fashioned oatmeal in the cupboard. Recipe is for 10 gallons. This is an intermediate level brew. By the way, the house brew posted on 4-18 was tasty, but I overhopped with the Nugget/Perle combo. The resulting bitterness tasted somewhat sour (but not harsh). This time, I’m going for more hop aroma and flavor by dry-hopping.

  1. 1# oven-toasted US 2-row barley
  2. 2# crystal malt, 120 lovibond
  3. 1/2# Quaker old fashioned oats
  4. 12# light liquid malt extract
  5. 1 oz. columbus hops (90 min)
  6. 1 oz. magnum hops (90 min)
  7. 1 oz. nugget hops (90 min)
  8. 2 oz. magnum hops (10 min)
  9. Nottingham dry yeast (for 5 gal); US-05 dry yeast (for 5 gal)

Steep grains in grain bag for 1 hour at 152 degrees (I know the oatmeal should mash at lower temps first, but I’m impatient today) (I heated 3.5 quarts to 165 degrees and added grains to stabilize at 152). After an hour, remove grain bag and sparge (rinse) with a several cups of 175 degree water. Transfer, along with liquid malt extract to kettle for full wort boil. Hop as scheduled, yeast as printed.

I would like to add that, because of some siphoning issues when transferring to the carboys, I lost a large quantity of wort–about 2 gallons. I could have added yeast to the 8 gallons, but I decided to top the carboys off with water instead. This will have lowered the specific gravity of the beer (and the alcohol), but that it fine this time around. I will, however, be installing a spigot into the bottom of my kettle to facilitate transfer.


5 Responses to “New house brew… Oatmeal pale ale”

  1. Okapi Says:

    Hey Mister Ranty Pants – I challenge you to make GINGER BEER as an alcohol free alternative. Try Bundaberg from Australia if you are not convinced that ginger beer is worth it, it tastes really good.

    Sorry to miss the cactus planting – sounds like fun.

  2. houseofyes Says:

    Are you implying that I need to cut back my alcohol consumption???? OK…I’ll take you up on the Ginger Beer N/A. Tune back in for an eventual post on it. Don’t be surprised if I brew an alcoholic beer that has ginger added to it. Those are tasty, too.

  3. houseofyes Says:

    Hmmm, Okapi. Outside of the “Mister Ranty Pants” barb giving you away, and perhaps the Herndon, VA IP address you use, and the fact that you have named yourself after an artiodactyl, is it not impossible that we have met?

  4. Okapi Says:

    Yep – you have discovered my secret identity! I nearly always use a study organisms as a pseudonym. Although I have no idea why I show up with a VA IP address! I was serious about the ginger beer, it is a great thing and I am going to have a go at making it soon. There is a great ginger alcoholic beer in NZ at a brewery called Dux de Lux.

    Ginger Tom 4.0% a.b.v
    Old fashioned style ginger beer, light golden malt colour with plump fruit and spicy bouquet, encapsulated with natural fresh flavours of honey, malt and lemon, characterised by a crisp refreshing dry ginger finish. Gold Medal Winner, New Zealand International Beer Awards 1999.

  5. Pterrordactyl Says:

    Hey there! Quite interested in your oatmeal pale ale idea. MY homebrew club has been discussing doing something in this vein.

    How did it turn out? Was it too hoppy? Did the oaty taste come through? How was the color? Please let me know!

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