Wednesday night mezze.

We will be eating well tonight: It’s a middle-eastern night.

Onion salad with vinegar, mint, and sumac,
Orange and radish salad,
Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil (a Cypriot dish),
Rice with spinach,
Spicy shrimp (a Moroccan dish),
Ful Mudamas (Fava beans),
Hard boiled egg,
Fresh scallions and green bell pepper,
Pita bread,


2 Responses to “Wednesday night mezze.”

  1. Scott Says:

    Care to elaborate? I’ve got radishes in the garden that are almost ready. A recipe for the orange and radish salad would be appreciated.

    Also, the Huffy Tune Up is great. Hope I don’t ever get to that point, but good to know in case I need it.

  2. houseofyes Says:

    Thanks for your interest. The orange and radish salad is often an unexpected favorite, and my inspiration for it came from Claudia Rodin’s “New Book of Middle Eastern Food.” Peel, then slice, then “dice” a couple of oranges into bite sized pieces. Take about 10 radishes, cut the ends off, cut them lengthwise in half, and cut each half into thin half-rounds. Season with a little salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

    This salad could also be described as a chunky orange and radish “salsa.” You can decide on the orange-to-radish ratio, and just season to taste. At times, I’ve also added a little minced fresh mint for an extra summery zing.

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