New House Brew: 18 April 07

ElephantWhisperer, TimmyB and I spent a few hours this afternoon socializing in the backyard and brewing a new batch of House brew. I did not plan on brewing today, but I got a shipment from the Weekend Brewer in under 24 hours via UPS for less in shipping than it would have cost in gas to drive there. Since our current House brews have been dwindling in number, I decided to brew a quick 10 gallons of malt extract beer and pitch Lesaffre Safale US-05 on 5 gallons, and Safbrew T-58 on the other. The results will be two very different beers that will probably be unlike any commercial variety particularly due to the two pounds of smoked malt, and I will report on them later.

12 pounds light liquid malt extract
2 pounds home-smoked US 2-row
1.5 pounds 80 lovibond Crystal malt
.5 pounds 60 lovibond Crystal malt
.5 pounds Chocolate malt
1 ounce Nugget hops (at 60 min, 30 min, & 10 min (3 oz total))
1 ounce Perle hops (at 40 min, 20 min, & flameout (3 oz total))
Yeasts described above.

Update: 29 April 07: Batch was bottled.


2 Responses to “New House Brew: 18 April 07”

  1. tomcat Says:

    Wots with the oven full of bottles? sterilization?

  2. houseofyes Says:

    Yep, sterilization (a.k.a. autoclave). Great for doing 10 gallon bottling sessions.

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